At INL we offer people with talent and passion a unique opportunity to develop their personal and professional lives. 

This is why we offer the following competitive package:

  • 2 years employment contract as INL Research Fellow. 
  • Social benefits include: family allowance, child allowance, free nursery service on the INL campus, education fees for dependent children, private health insurance and travel allowances.
  • Researchers will also benefit from the various social facilities available at INL.
  • Access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.
  • Multidisciplinary research environment.
  • Collaboration opportunities with international academic and industrial partners.




This COFUND action will help to improve the working conditions of the fellows as it will provide a full employment contract to each of the fellows. This employment contract will include the following components:

  • Social Security costs to be paid by INL.
  • Work Accidents insurance costs to be paid by INL, to provide coverage for work accidents and invalidity benefits.
  • Health insurance with excellent coverage for each Research Fellow.
  • Living & Mobility allowance that amount to a value equivalent to a yearly gross amount of €39,981.86.
  • Tax Benefit: The personnel working at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory are exempt from income taxes so the only deduction from their part of the salary will be 11 % for social security and 12% for an internal tax.

Other Allowances:

  1. Family allowance of 160€/month for staff members that are married or that are living under the status of “common-law couple” and/or have any dependent child.
  2. Child allowance of 200€/month for each dependent child.
  3. Free Nursery Service at INL campus.
  4. Education fees:

Research Fellows are entitled to the payment of education fees for each dependent child who:

a) is attending an educational establishment full time, or
b) is in vocational training.
The entitlement to such payment shall commence when the child reaches the age of three and shall cease at the end of the academic year in which the child ceases to be dependent.

  • Travel expenses, which will be paid to the Research Fellow covering travel expenses. INL covers 100% of travel expenses for all family members.
  • Research cost contribution, a lump sum of €800.00/month for research costs have been allocated to each Research Fellow. This amount is to be used for ordinary research expenses, such as: laboratory equipment, consumables, travel for participation in conferences and lectures etc.