Meet the First Call - Research Fellows. Know a little more about their backgrounds and their projects.



Ashok's research is focused on using food-grade ingredients to create novel structured systems including oleogels, foams, colloidal particles and complex emulsions to solve formulation issues in food product development.

David soriano

Within the NanoTRAINforGrowth II prgramme, David Soriano is involved on the study of defects in 2D materials, such as vacancies in hexagonal Boron Nitride (hBN) layers, as potential sources of single photon emitters (SPE).

Lara San Emeterio

Lara started at INL as a NanoTRAINforgrowth fellow in the spintronics group, to work on spin wave excitation, propagation and detection using nanopillar magnetic tunnel junctions.

Sara Abalde

Sara has recently joined INL to develop sensing platforms for liquid biopsy based on SERS detection and microdroplets. Sara's research efforts are focused at the integration of nanotechnology, SERS and microdroplets in microfluidics driven by her interest in biomedical research tools.